• In Transit Coverage

    In Transit Coverage

    The safety of your home and the household goods being moved is our priority and we do everything possible to ensure careful handling throughout the entire moving process. Our staff partake in extensive training problems to ensure safety and total security during any moving process.

    Unfortunately, sometimes, things can happen during transportation and therefore we strongly recommend reviewing all coverage options to ensure you have the right coverage for your shipment.

    How Does Coverage Work
    And What’s Included?

    All movers are required to offer what’s called Basic Liability or Released Value Protection during any moving or storage. This is included with the cost of your move and you don’t need to pay anything extra for this basic liability.

    This coverage is at the rate of $0.60 per pound, per article for any items that would be damaged beyond repair or lost during transportation.

    Released Value Protection limits your claim to a maximum of 60 cents per pound per article which is based on the weight of the item being claimed. For example, in the unlikely even of a table being lost beyond repair or damages. If the weight of the table was 100 lbs, then the maximum coverage would be 100 lbs @ 60 cents/pound = for a total value of $60.00 regardless of the true value of the item.

    There is a deductible applicable to all claims.

    Can I Purchase Additional

    Please inquire with your dedicated agent for further information regarding coverage available for purchase. As Atlantic Van Lines is not an insurance company, we are not able to sell or offer you additional insurance. However, additional declared value can be purchase in advance of moving day at an additional cost.

    Please note that this is still not replacement coverage or insurance.

    Can I Purchase Coverage
    Through Another Provider?

    We highly recommend that you check with your current homeowners or rental insurance provider about what coverage can be purchase or if you can extend your current coverage during transportation of your goods. We highly recommend contacting a third-party insurance provider to ensure that you have adequate coverage during transportation.

    What Happens If A Claim Needs To Be Submitted?

    It is important to let your moving agent know as soon as possible if you notice anything damages or losses following delivery. Your dedicated moving agent will take your details and walk you through the next steps to ensure that your claim can be submitted in time. All claims must be submitted within 10 days of delivery date with any necessary pictures and documents.

    Reducing The Risk of Damages And Losses

    It is always recommended when packing and preparing for your move to pack your boxes full and use plenty of packing paper and protective materials for all fragile items. Things can shift during transportation so make sure that everything is packed and wrapped to protect items in your owner packed boxes.

    If you are not sure how to pack for a long distance move or need some tips or guidance, inquire with sales agent and we would be happy to provide you with some tips or even offer you packing services for any items.

    Any fragile items we can offer packing and crating services to ensure safety of the item during transportation. Feel free to send us pictures or descriptions of the items that require special attention and our highly trained agents will be able to provide packing advice.