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    A Few Kind Words From Our Customers

    Tom & Anne Windsor, Ontario

    Our children moved to Calgary, Alberta in August 2012 from Windsor, Ontario. They made the trek by car, therefore leaving the majority of their belongings behind. Now the decision months & months later was finding a moving company that we felt we could trust and feel at ease. Many days of searching and receiving many emails, we came to the decision that your company Atlantic Van Lines was the one. Incredible is the first word that come to our minds in regards to our experience with Atlantic Van Lines. Harp & Ouza (not sure of spelling) were very professional, worked very hard; from checking out everything leaving our home and storage bin, to paperwork, to making sure each piece had the color code, & wrapping every piece of furniture. They were simply AMAZING!!! It shows these two men are very dedicated to their job. Their belongings arrived in Edmonton sooner than expected and delivery was setup within the next couple of days. They were amazed & very pleased with the delivery. The two gentlemen were again very professional and helpful. Kudos for a great job done by two men who truly are dedicated to customer service and making sure everything went smoothly. Our representative was Farah. From day one, she was very professional, prompt in answering emails & phone calls & we can't thank her enough for putting our minds at ease as this is the first time we have ever had to do something like this. If anyone ever has to do a long distance move, we highly recommend Atlantic Van Lines!! When they say 100% satisfaction guaranteed, they mean it! To everyone at Atlantic Van Lines... THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

    Alivina Brooke Burnaby, BC

    Hi everyone, wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on my experience with Atlantic VAn Lines. We had a company move through my company. It was arranged through my employer but i did most of the dealings with Atlantic VAn Lines. My representative was Farah, who is very nice and sweet. I chose this company because she was nice and put my mind at ease. I had a good experience with the company. There were some questions when it was time for the truck to cross the border but everything was worked out. I did the full packing thing and it was so easy as I didn't have to do anything on the moving day. They offered me unpacking services as well, but i wanted to take my time to unpack and decide where to put everything. I was very happy with the crew at delivery, and Jason was very accommodating and took extra time to stay and make sure that i could check everything. I was overall very happy with them and would recommend them.

    Edward Edmonton, AB

    Moving is always difficult and things will go wrong. The experience is what makes a difference. During our move there was a snowstorm and our belongs was delayed. Atlantic Van Lines was able to make arrangements to reassure that we were valued and will be taken of. Anita, the General Manager, was on top of things and responded to our needs. I would recommend Atlantic Van Lines.

    Ahmedi Abbas Montreal

    I moved from Etobicoke to Montreal in Jan 3 2013. Atlantic van lines are by far best movers i have been using. their estimates are solid and very accurate the price is clearly explained from the beginning and there are no hidden charges. perfect packing service, fast and professional team came to my place on time. after calling me one day in advance, they packed perfectly all my furniture and art and loaded quickly to their truck, their crew leader was so kind to go over the contract with me before they start to move.the delivery was even faster and cleaner no damage noticed or what so ever. Highly recommend them to any person!

    Hamido Akar Toronto

    Hi, I moved with Atlantic Van Lines my family long distance. I am outside of the country actually and arranged everything via email. Everything went as planned, and I was very happy with the service and the price. I was always able to receive a response on time from my rep who was Lucy and she was very helpful during the process. I moved from Vancouver to Ottawa and delivery went good. The only thing was that the cargo was delayed by a day I guess due to the weather conditions, but everything worked out. The follow up after the move was great, and the company was very understanding during the delay. I wanted to send a good note.

    Marlyn Talabis Laval Quebec

    Hello guys, i`ve moved from Surrey to Laval on january 08. The day before, we felt overwhelmed with our move, but when you guys came everything packed safely in a little more than 2 hours. I cant begin to tell you how much stress and anxiety you took off our shoulders. the fragile items we were worried about were wrapped very well and padded with care, and the move wen without a hitch, By far, the best and easiest move i`ve ever had, Thanks Atlantic Team. I would recommend Atlantic van lines to everybody.

    Linda Bryant Halifax

    We hired Atlantic Van Lines to relocate our small office from Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS. The guys were wonderful at both ends, helped us with dis-assembly of the big desks and the goods arrived in perfect condition. I would recommend them to anyone

    Amy Toronto

    I did a lot of research before our London ON to Ottawa ON move... Initially, the quotes we were getting were sky high. I found Atlantic Van Lines, and a few other companies online. I had been told to be VERY weary with very low estimate, and also the same for very high. Atlantic was one of the most reasonable quotes I was given. The communication via email and phone was prompt and very professional from beginning to end. Our move was done over the course of 1 month in 2 phases, and we were happy from start to finish. They were also VERY flexible as the initial move date had to be pushed back 2 weeks. No problems, nor questions asked. The movers were friendly, quick and efficient all 8 of them at both pick up and delivery points. I would recommend Atlantic Van Lines to anyone looking for a safe, affordable and easy move.

    Karyn Toronto

    I moved from Calgary to Montreal July 2012. I chose to go with Atlantic Van Lines. I received the quote very quickly and all my questions were answered in a timely manner. The drivers that picked up my things and the drivers that delivered my things were very professional. It was quick and effortless. There was a slight delay in the original estimated delivery time and Anita was very reasonable to waive 30 days of storage due to it taking a bit longer to get to the warehouse. As for delivery time, again it was effortless to set an appointment and they showed up on time! We did have one item that didn't make the trip and Atlantic was quick to rectify this too! Thank you Atlantic for the teamwork and great customer service!!!

    Aline Kanchuk Lethbridge, AB

    Atlantic Van lines relocated my company across the country and I was very pleased! Professional service from both ends, and everything was delivered right on time as promised!

    Brian Totenham Calgary, AB

    Atlantic Moving moved my family from Ottawa, ON to Calgary, AB in January of 2012. This was a full service move, with full packing, storage services and a recent delivery to our new home. The company did a great job at a very affordable price, and offered me some free storage time as well while I was look for a home. Great Service would recommend them to anyone

    Stanley Green Moncton, AB

    Superb service! Great team of people at all of their offices and it was a pleasure to work with them. I couldn't say enough. I had a chair damaged during my move, and they called, took care of the claim and I couldn't be happier with the level of service!